9 totally simple, quirky *almost* free things to cleanse your mind + spirit for spring.

It got up to 50 in New York yesterday, plus I have a pic of a totally cute little baby chick in this post, which means spring is just about upon us!  Between 6 weeks in Salt Lake City this winter + a long stretch of gray days, I know I am BEYOND looking forward to being outside more + getting a fresh start to the year.   When we’re clearer, our lives flow easier.  “Spring Cleaning” isn’t a cliché, it’s a rite of passage, a change of seasons, a time to freshen up and clear way for the new.

I would love to switch up couches, paint my walls, throw out half my stuff + start anew… but it’s going to be a busy month, so I’ll do what I can, and you should too.  Change doesn’t have to be massive to notice effects.

Here are a couple of quick tips to cleanse on the quick + cheap.

1.   Purge.  Throw out or donate 3 books, one outfit from your closet and a tchotchke from your shelf.  Any new thing you buy going forward?  Throw out two in its place.  Make that a rule.  Ongoing Feng Shui builds badass, streamlined karma.

2.  Liquefy.  Ok, you don’t have the time or funds for a fancy 3-day cleanse?  Ayurveda says to take one day a week (every week!) + only drink liquids to give your digestive system a break + a reset.  Soup, smoothies, juices, protein shakes.  For extra points, make sure it’s au naturale.  This is an *ideal* time to give that system a break to reboot.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 11.36.42 AM3. Sage!  Buy a stick, it will last forever.  I sage after every move, break up, fight, tough business negotiation, guest to the apartment, depresso monteblan mood.  The last time I bought sage was a year ago, and my stick is only just now a nub. (I don’t really know how to rewrite that so it doesn’t sound dirty, so please just keep it above board with me here loves.)  There’s no way you could sage as much as I do: $4.99 from Whole Foods or your local health food store, + go get jiggy wid it.  You light the sage like incense, let it burn + blow out.  Negative energy binds to the smoke, and poof—wafts from your apartment + life!  Caution:  potent.  I usually sage + then open up my windows just before I leave my apartment.

4. Promote someone up in your love.  Have a look around your house or apartment and look at the pictures present.  My guess is, unless you’re fastidious about art, there’s some old, random photo of college friends you haven’t seen in ten years that you fell out from or with whom lost touch.  If that picture brings you a surge of nostalgic joy, great, if it’s bittersweet or makes you a little sad?  Toss it, hit up a color printer + print up that Facebook picture of you + your bestie at her bday.  Reframe.  Her love deserves an upgrade to presence in your life.

5. Juice.  Oh, you already have a Breville + want a DIY cleanse on the cheap?  Here are a couple of super cheap juice-able nutritionals you may not have considered:  anything + everything from farmer’s market (hello giant bags of apples for $1 a pound!), broccoli stems, sweet potatoes, go find some jicama (it’s amazing in juice) + plain, big ol’ giant heads of cabbage juice surprisingly sweet!  My secret?  I buy everything as nitty + gritty as it comes + then sweeten up any bitterness with a little stevia (NuNaturals is the BEST + only brand I use) or Agave.

6. MOVE.  It’s obvious that moving + moving in a different direction is going to switch up your energy + shift things around in a different way.  Try a different yoga or group fitness class at the gym.  It goes without saying I hope, that being in nature is paramount to clearing out mind stuffs.  If you are in NYC, like me, hit up a new yoga studio, or Soul Cycle.  Most offer discounts for newbies.  And for something totally free, freeing + fun, the awesome Michele Joni has a free weekly, skipping club, that’s sure to get you outside of your box.

7. Meditate.  Ya, so, according to Facebook, pretty much everyone I know is doing this Deepak/Oprah 21 day meditation challenge.  It started a couple days ago, but permission granted to jump on board.  You haven’t missed anything; you’re just fashionably late, dahling.  Want something more guided?  Email me at magsnyc@mac.com + I’ll dropbox you a raw version of a 12 minute mediation MP3.  Meditation trains your mind to clear space + let the wisdom of the natural flow abide.  Is that too woo?  It also makes you more efficient, happier + younger looking.  Get on that train.

8. Smush.  last week rather than store a box of files, I decided to scan them all.  Box of files?  Shredded.  Files?  Permanently parked in a virtual folder, smaller than a digital inch on my desktop.  I’m going to be doing this with tax returns + 20 years of sheet music I’ve been hoarding.  Obviously it works better if you have a professional scanner, + not a flattop, so head to an office, or a kinko’s + in a couple of hours or less, all those files are shrunk from your life.  It’s a great feeling to look over to where there used to be a box + now there is just: space.  Ah, space.

9. Give something unexpected.  A six-pack of beer to your super.  Mail that book to your sister you love with a handwritten note.  Have a slice of his favorite cheesecake delivered to your guy at work.  Nothing breeds love like giving love when someone least expects it.  It clears your heart + spirit for more.

Happy cleansing!