Hello + welcome.

Here’s the deal: I want you to be enlightened.
Like Buddha. Like, NOW.
I’m here to help.

I’m here to spread LOVE.
I’m here to talk about FREEDOM.

I’m here to do it with grounded, urban practicality. Glamour is my garnish and authenticity is my integrity.

I don’t want you for a moment to think this is a small thing: this is the biggest thing of our lifetimes, and once we awaken to the True Reality of Ourselves, everything flows.

I’m driven to translate conscious practices to real life and business success. Seeing your deepest desires manifest in an effortless Grace is my sincerest dream for you. The goal is to find Truth everywhere, always. This is a magic time in the evolution of humanity; we’re collectively coming to that goal.

It’s time for good and evil to have a reframe, for us to start vibing with the infinite expanse of our own grace and for wonderment to be more household an item than Wonderbread.

It’s time for us to step into the new golden paradigm of cooperation and selflessness, which paradoxically, lavishes us with wishes and riches greater than we could have imagined.

It’s time for your own Divine sense of Self to be the strongest GPS you have in your life. Period.

Yoga is great. Meditation is useful. Both are awesome starting points, but I work with advanced spiritual technologies translated to an easy working dialogue for both experienced practitioners and beginners alike, we start where you are.

If you are not talking about energy in your life, relationships and business, you are not yet part of the “Now Age” conversation. This conversation is no longer dusty theory or a wistful longing; it is now our experience.

Conscious is the new “cool.”
Flow replaces “muscling through it.”

It’s time for our awakening.

I have worked with hundreds of people one-on-one and thousands in groups since 2006 and seen miracles abound. These look like:

  • Hundreds of millions of dollars in business pipelines
  • Healing of sexual trauma
  • Healing of addictive patterns including eating disorders, drug + alcohol addiction, body issues
  • Finding love in your life
  • TRUE + LASTING self love
  • Ending familial conflict
  • Ending all internal resistance

Whether you have a longing for something bigger in your life or a specific problem that needs attention, these practices connect you to that Universal Source that begins and ends within you. Tap in, tune up. Repeat.

Thank you for showing up.
Ever in love,

My Story


Flashback: 2004, I’m a bitch. Angrily throwing a full vodka tonic against a fancy hotel’s carpeted lobby during a high profile Democratic fundraiser seemed like a reasonable action.

There were other atrocious moments.


Not to the whole world of course, just with the people I cared for most.

In my 20’s, although I had the greatest success of my acting career, and a glamorous, cosmopolitan life of international travel, exquisite experiences at my fingertips and an eclectic social life that made Sex and the City look like Everybody Loves Raymond, I was a disaster.

My life was falling apart and I was acting out and imploding,. When my marriage dissolved, despite my most valiant efforts to keep it together, I was thrust into a deep, all-encompassing spiritual study period. Two years later, a two-week trip to India stretched to six-months, and I found myself studying under the tutelage of some of the world’s greatest spiritual masters. Through the Grace of my teachers and years of internal de and re-programming, I discovered that joy was not something that could be forced. This work is a process not only toward natural happiness, but also toward an eventual enlightenment.

If this bitch can get to bliss, anyone can.

When my own conscious path pursuit began, everything else was thrust to the wayside, and this seeking became my life. It overtook me; it was not of my choosing. I sacrificed marriage, romance, fun, excitement, convention and careers to this Ultimate Understanding. This oneness business.

In 2012, my teachers’ recognized I had a permanent shift into full awakening and a freedom from the mind. The difference between someone such as, let’s say, Eckhart Tolle and myself is that Eckhart Tolle’s awakening was unexpected, a surprise.
Mine was no accident; it was cultivated and enlightened by the practices I teach and have been taught. I was told it would happen. Happen it did, and I am simply here to share that path with you.

The strength of my message is that I found peace of mind in the midst of chaos, and eventually integrated a way to do it with lipstick in my purse and martinis on the menu. Our tribe is busy—I know you don’t have the time to spend months in India. I did, so you don’t have to.

Biz cred: 15 years in Manhattan have seen me through several career shifts: award-winning internationally traveling/working theatre actress. Broker and manager at two of Manhattan’s top real estate firms. Building a department from the ground floor of a touted tech start-up, tens of thousands of stock options in my back pocket and summering Harvard Business School interns running my errands.

My creative and spiritual pursuits always caused me to turn down the executive positions (many were dangled) that would allow me to climb the corporate latter to a cushier paycheck. (Much to my mother’s chagrin)

Mine is another path. These spiritual practices and experiences are not only possible to merge into corporate structures and everyday life, but essential if we are all to evolve into this new paradigm.

Although I spent many years going in and out of ascetic practices and environments, ashrams, retreats, countless 3am wake-up calls, dragging in darkness to pre-dawn yoga or meditation from Soho to India to Fiji to Australia and points in between– the world has evolved enough and the energies currently present are elevated enough for us to be able to reach these high states of consciousness right where we are.

I’ve always had an intense desire to merge these two worlds. My students range from high-powered global leaders, CEO’s and presidents, to garbage men to NYC gals just looking for love within. What’s miraculous about this work is that this is not about being a little happier or boosting your energy: I’ve seen profound results in (believe me) the darkest traumas unfolding to a brilliant life.

Growth never ends.

I’m an eternal student, as I think we all should be. While living in India, my ashtanga yoga practice cemented while studying with the late contemporary yogi master Sri K Pattabhi Jois. I was raised Catholic and have been inspired by and studied with a great many teachers in Zen, Shamanism, New Thought, the list goes on. However, without a doubt, the heart and soul of my teachings come from the Oneness University in India. I’m humbled and honored to have daily access to the latest alive teachings direct from this Source, I lead groups to India as a select group of National Oneness Organizers, and in New York my seva (service) is helping to lead the NYC community.

I have an amazed admiration for teachers/leaders who jump right into a pool and claim their right to be heard. That’s just not me. I’m incredibly demanding of myself, a voracious reader and researcher and wouldn’t dream of teaching something I hadn’t lived and proved for years in my own and other’s lives. Maybe it’s the pretentious New Yorker in me, but I am discerning with my trust. That is the space from which I operate.

I’ve been called “hottie Yoda” to “diva guru” to “the sweetheart of enlightenment.”
But truly, I’m just a sack of cells and this site is the urban voice of a gal who found Ultimate Love in a hopeless place.

I want to share with you and serve to provide a very real understanding that we cannot seek happiness; it is a natural byproduct of being authentic within our own lives.

Everything else is just cover up; within is the only way.

I’m not a saint or a sage, I’m just a gal who’s ridiculously happy + totally free.

You can be too. We’re the same.

And I know that in my lifetime our world will recognize Its own consciousness as One.

Thank you for sharing your time with me in that rocky voyage.


Here’s somethin’ a little more compact:

Bio: A writer and consciousness cheerleader in Manhattan, Margaret Nichols is a recognized leader + trainer in the Oneness Movement. Having been involved since 2006, she trained with monks in India and Fiji and now teaches in New York and as well as mentoring other trainers nationally. The goal of “Oneness” is to “help set humanity free.” They let Margaret do this with high heels and great hair, so she is very pleased about that.

Although teachers, influences and studies are too numerative to list here, in addition to her vast Oneness fam, and the ongoing Ultimate grace of Sri AmmaBhagavan, in 2006 she lived in India while studying with the late contemporary yogi master Sri K Pattabhi Jois, and had a continued Ashtanga practice with master teacher Eddie Stern and his awesome crew of teachers in New York.

They and many others get mad gratitude for any grounding she might have. Om!

On the artistic front, Margaret has been a professional, award-winning actress in New York City and internationally for a decade and a half. Since 2001 she’s been a member of the prestigious off-Broadway company: TACT (The Actor’s Company Theatre). www.tactnyc.org

…and any bio would be remiss to not include her alma mater, the more than terrific:

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.