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I’m really excited to announce, we are expecting a little baby boy this November!

It happened quickly. SO quickly in fact, that the last couple of months have been a bit of a whirlwind in these parts.

And yet: it didn’t happen quickly.

What you don’t know— what no one knows is that last spring when I first went down to Peru— I told all I was going for a scouting trip for the retreat. And that was true. But it wasn’t the main impetus.

I had a vision. A download. It happened to be in the middle of one of my deeksha evenings— and although it had been a decade since I visited with Mother Ayahuasca and hadn’t given thought to Her for years— I got a VERY strong calling: it’s time to go down to the Amazon and call in the spirit of your child.

Dramatic, I know. (We don’t need to traverse to faraway places to tap into deepest spiritual experiences, but I’m pretty sure my Divine knows I’m a Sagittarius, so it likes to support that inherent wanderlust.)

What’s interesting is that I was single when this happened. Although my partner and I have known each other for almost 5 years, there was 6 months last year where we were broken up: and I happened to be Queen of downtown Manhattan Tinder at the time. 😉

So, obvi, I didn’t tell anyone the reason I was trekking down to Peru.

My teachers in Oneness in India told me an amazing story. I am initiated by these monks to teach an advanced parenting course, which I have never taught, because for me it’s important to be in complete integrity, experience and alignment with what I put out into the world.

However— they spoke of African tribes, that when it was time for a woman to have a child, she would make up a song to sing to that child, calling in its spirit. THEN she would go find and choose the Dad, and teach him the song. And the song would be sung throughout the child’s birth, life and even at the death.

I loved this. I loved that the woman chose. I loved that we could connect to the spirit of our child, so long before he or she came into our body and being.

So, although we were quite fortunate that this child arrived at first try, truly, I’ve been communicating with him for a year already. In fact, without even planning it or meaning to— I just now looked in the calendar for when I was there, and it was exactly this Thursday, today, one year ago, that indeed, in a ceremony, deep in the Amazon, my intention was realized and I was clearly, without a doubt, visited by the spirit of this child.

I went on to prep for the year, emotionally, physically, nutritionally, spiritually with laser-like intention yet complete surrender. I couldn’t have been more ready.

There are so many students, friends, loves, that have difficulty conceiving. I know people who have spent hundreds of thousands on IVF and I am sensitive that that can be an incredibly challenging and heart-wrenching journey, no matter how healthy we are. I don’t know why it’s so difficult sometimes.

That being said, I think there is incredible power in that combination of conscious, sacred intention and complete surrender. I was taught by my teachers that ALL of that matters + is deeply influential on the path of the child. Even with all that, I was convinced I would have a girl, and here I am with a little boy in the making!

Our collective co-creation of life, whether in babies or businesses, is truly a miracle.

So, that’s our news. 🙂

This was my vision board for the year. Doing pretty good so far, huh? 🙂

Logistically, I will be holding a few more events through early October and then taking a proper maternity leave, with probably just a plethora of Instagram baby photos, from November through Spring. I’ll post a schedule outline below.

I would love to see you in person; it’s a very special, very connected time for me right now— there’s a new portal open as I prep to transition to probably the biggest role of my life yet.

Thank you for your love + listening.

In love,

Next: June 3rd, New Moon Intention Lakshmi Process

Register HERE (I will go into even more detail about exact intention setting + spiritual prep for the bebe!)


Saturday, June 24th: Final Oneness Awakening Course for the year: registration coming this week. 🙂

July 19th: Save the date for another special evening.

August 2nd: New moon evening

August 24th-28th: Soul Camp East

For those of you around the world, unable to travel to the East Coast, we will have FREE online digital goodies + experiences in early fall!

And we are looking to have one more NYC DIVINE FEMME immersion blow out October 8th/9th. I (and it) will be HUGE.

The next Peru Retreat has been moved to Fall of 2017. (Because Zika is a very real thing for preggos in South America, and it was not worth the risk. So, this way, we shall have baby in tow!)