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awakening course

The Oneness Awakening Course. A game changer + consciousness shifter.

**This is the final + ONLY course we have planned for 2016**

Irrevocably deepen into that which has been waiting for you. the oneness awakening course a weekend unlike any other the weekend to unearth your highest self. ELEVATE. EXPLORE. CELEBRATE. EXISTENCE. CONSCIOUSNESS. BLISS

  • Ancient spiritual technologies offered in a modern urban format
  • Heal relationships, resolve past karma that hold back an effortless flow of life
  • Accelerate a quantum climb in your individual consciousness within a gorgeous community
  • Be initiated as a Oneness Blessing/deeksha giver to spread juju to others
  • Light on the “woo,” deep on the mystic
  • Find out why you would want enlightenment + why you’re going to get it.

NEXT COURSE: Saturday June 25th: last course for a while as Margaret will be taking maternity leave through early 2017!
$275: new blessing givers, $150: advanced deepening (already initiated as a blessing giver)
early payment by June 21st.
$300 newbies, $175 blessing givers, AFTER June 21st.

For new people- you may pay in one or two payments, as per below!

LOCATION: 900 Broadway, Suite 905, between 19th + 20th Streets, Manhattan
SATURDAY full day is 10am-8pm, with a lunch break in between.

CLICK + Pay BELOW to register:

$275: full early bird payment, new blessing giver:

Deepening for blessing giver
Deposit for NEW person 
(with 2nd payment of $125 being requested + due June 21st)

Margaret’s workshops/evenings/retreats and even speaking engagements utilize ancient spiritual technologies in raising levels of consciousness. This happens by and for the participants + in turn, affects the greater collective. Obscure kirtan music, Katy Perry and the kitchen sink are all regulars that run the gamut and sources span from the Tao Te Ching to studies in quantum physics. Margaret is an Advanced Oneness Trainer + National Organizer in the Oneness lineage.

What is deeksha? Click here. Questions? Email me: