Your soul’s destiny brought you here for a reason. It’s time to rise.

You are fierce, whip smart and soulful. No doubt.

It’s time to transcend the old paradigm where we fight to edge our way into a man’s world.

It’s time to lead a ridiculously inspired, seriously magical, divine life full of enthusiasm and ease.

It’s time to live in radiance within your romantic relationships + be a light to the world.

It’s time to ride out the good and the “bad” with equal Grace.

In the Western world, the masculine has reigned for centuries.

It’s clear our global energies and resources on every level are due for an overhaul.

It’s time to lead the way by embodying our highest, richest essence + appreciating all the Divine swag
in our life.

It’s BACK..

The wildly transformative DIVINE FEMME the WEEKEND IMMERSION:

Saturday/Sunday October 21st/22nd in New York City.

Full days, both days. In a Flatiron Loft.

Details to be sent upon registration.

Over the last Five of teaching the Mystic Mastermind to only women, there has been a palpable evolution: the Divine Feminine is yearning to break through to center stage.

This is not about being girly. Or weak. It’s not bathed in pink.

This is about the feminine rising to balance out the masculine + feminine on this planet. This is about IGNITING both within ourselves and within the world.

What we will cover in Divine Femme:

Body ~ Business ~ Boys to Men ~ Mind ~ Soul ~ Spirit ~Sacred Sex

DIVINE FEMME is informational, experiential and instructional. We will use spiritual technologies, sacred rituals, group exercises for realization, expansion + dancing it out.

You will leave in an elevated state of consciousness and a new soul squad in tow, with down-to-earth practices to integrate being DIVINE FEMME into your life.

OLD PARADIGM: Competition, striving, and aggression that leaves us depleted and sick.
NEW PARADIGM: Collaboration, ease, and magnetic radiance

You will learn how to:

  • authentically lead from your feminine (not just slap lipstick on a power suit,) so you feel empowered, not ransacked or overwhelmed by your work
  • let go of control in your relationships and why SURRENDERING is really your ultimate superpower (believe me, it’s not as scary as it sounds!)
  • be fully appreciative and totally in your body as a portal to ecstatic pleasure + instantaneous healing
  • celebrate the masculine: learning how to + why we champion it and how this can support your own highest light (we yearn for our men to be strong. we also want an integrated masculine force at the ready within ourselves.)
  • completely connect to spirit — live a life of intuition, miracles + guided grace
  • heal your ancestry + lineage so you are no longer carrying (and unconsciously living from) old “stories” and patterns of women’s past karma before you
  • shine up your own unique essence in a curated vortex of passionate, soulful women that have your back

Who is this for:

This is for women who are…

haute ~ powerful ~ fierce ~ bold ~ spiritual ~ sexy ~ empowered ~ business savvy ~ real but love the woo ~ down to earth ~ longing to lead from heart + intuition ~l onging to love every bit of their being + body

Who is this not for:

voyeurs. this is a whole-hearted participatory experience. We expect all the loves to play full out and dive in. Divine Femme is not the new hottest thing. Divine Femme is a way of life.

Q & A:

Here are a few questions you might be thinking:

1. I’ve done a lot of spiritual work— how is this different?

Me too sista! 15 years of deep spiritual work, 10 years of events + teaching, and the last few expressly focused on this spiritual masculine/feminine dynamic, and I ONLY just realized one of the key components of this work a couple of months ago. It can take time to unravel. More importantly, the energies in the world have shifted so that we are ready and receptive for this new level of spiritual information. You’re ready and it’s time.

2. I don’t know if I have the time! I might have conflicts…

We all have enough time, we just don’t know it. That’s part of what I teach in Divine Femme – how to stop doing the things that suck your energy and start filling yourself with the things that nourish you on all levels. The old way of living depleted and stretched thin all the time is over. There will always be a million opportunities vying for our attention. In my experience, once our spirit is aligned, empowered and in place, everything else flows. It’s not even one of the things— it’s THE thing. If you want to feel free, you must learn balance and integration. Time expands when you’re doing the things that align with your soul. Make time for spirit and spirit will give you more time.

Ask your Soul’s essence. Ask the essence of your business, your relationship (current or future), your higher self— what does it truly want?. You’ll know when the answer and timing is right.

3. Is it really possible to lead from business in your feminine?
Don’t we have to be masculine to succeed in business?

The year prior I earned well into the 6 figures— not just from Urban Oneness, but from multiple streams of income. I spent a month in Peru, and took the summer nearly completely off. I went totally “off the grid” at least a dozen times (if not more throughout the year.) And if you know me or ask anyone around, they are more likely to tell you I talked them out of purchasing something than into it.

This year, I bought a house in tawny East Hampton, designed, styled, furnished, renovated, marketed it, all with a 3 month old baby on my hip. I was able to make $60k for the summer, and still use the house to my liking. I leased a BMW, my first car in 20 years, and breastfed throughout all of this.

It’s not only possible to lead from the feminine in business, at this point, it’s becoming necessary if we want to flourish + live to our true purpose. It’s possible to do heart-centered work without killing ourselves.

4. Will I meet people?

Life gives you what you put into it. We will have specific practices which foster communication and connection. You’ll be guided to the people that are precisely right for you to meet. The women I have worked with are some of the most generous, grounded, brilliant beings of light I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

5. Will there be support afterwards?

The people you meet will be your tribe— any course I have ever taught, the men and women have gone on to foster relationships of absolute fun and championing. When you shift in these ways, you NEED a soul squad that gets you and supports your evolution. We will have a multitude of ways for structured support after if you desire to go further.

6. I’m a guy—can I do this?

This course is structured for people who identify their core essence as feminine. We don’t care what gender or sexual preference any person holds but their deepest desire must be to lead in the world in this feminine. The easy way to gauge this is, who are you attracted to romantically? If that is a masculine man or woman, you are most likely wanting to live expressly in your feminine. No “dudes” allowed. As previously stated, this is not an immersion for voyeurs. 😉

7. Are there refunds?

Any kind of deep spiritual work can bring up fear and emotional resistance. We trust that you value your Higher Self into guiding you into the decision that is right for you, so for this reason we ask for complete commitment to preserve the sacred process and any registration is non-refundable.


We are creating a special vortex, a sacred space of energy and the weekend is structured to be a narrative arc of experience. For this reason, your entire participation is recommended.


We expect this weekend to sell out. There will be no door sales at the event. The rest of the tickets will be first come, first served, in fairness! We trust that the order in which it all happens is perfect.

All you need to do to register is click the link below.

Your soul and heart have already decided if this weekend is right for you. A part of you probably already knows. Once you click yes and save your space, your process begins and the gifts of your “yes” will start to manifest in your life immediately. Keep your eyes open. Your journey has begun.

This weekend has limited participants. It’s New York City, and real estate is prime here 🙂 The inaugural group will be lighthouses to shine on to the rest of the world.


“4 years after an intervention around this, I am finally starting to feel the difference in the masculine and feminine energies and feeling a pull to explore this work more. In many ways I feel like my accelerated awakening are just a sign that I am breaking out of the shell that has encased me for so many years. You are an amazing mentor and I feel like you are one of the
few people I know who gets what I’m going through and will be able to guide me as I shed the layers of who I think I need to be for others and step into who I am in my heart.Thank you
a million times over.” — Renee Fishman

“I feel blessed to be part of this tribe of feminine warriors that supports & is there in our journeys to awesomeness.” — Marcela Valencia

“Divinely sassy, Margaret is your very best friend, your teacher and your confident mixed into a feisty little package of wow. Awake and aware, conscious and connected, Margaret is the real deal. She will pull you up by your bootstraps and then go shopping with you for boots. She will help shiftshape your lifeview and guide you to a whole new dimension of amazingness. She is my soul sister, my teacher, and my friend.” — Michelle Goldblum, Founder + CEO, I AM. creative and cofounder of Soul Camp

“Thank you for helping me crack open my gorgeous lotus heart allowing me to feel this and even more powerfully, to express it to you and everyone else that matters in my life and anyone that needs love. Mags, you have offered more for my life than anything I can pay for through your workshops. Gratefully, 
a fan, supporter and blooming lotus…” — Shama Dhanani

“Divine Femme was truly a transformational experience.  I am so happy I answered the call to be there!  I left feeling clear, energized, and something in my sacrum opened.  I am actually walking differently.  I feel more free.  I am so grateful for Margaret for sharing her beautiful spirit, wisdom, and humor (I laughed a lot!). I love the rituals and exercises and it feels like I got a download of some seriously sacred wisdom.  The immersion weekend was super energy rich and I know the gifts will continue to unfold throughout my life. Thank you so much, Margaret & Divine Femme!”-Sura Al- Shibib

“I am so grateful to Margaret Nichols for putting DIVINE FEMME together. The content was incredible and it was so much deeper, more soulful and intuitive than I could’ve imagined. This, I’ll never forget and it’s changed my perspective forever.” -Elisha Ariel

“I know I said it in person but I will say it again.  What a magical weekend!  To choose to serve from this place and deliver Divine Femme with the grace and beauty you did, takes courage, trust and the true heart of a woman – I am so deeply grateful for this.

Your teachings have touched every part of my being.   It has validated something in me that I always have felt and known to be true but always have allowed other distractions to take over.  And as a result of shame, and fear as women we hide the truth of who and what we are.  We shut down our “aliveness” and our capacity to touch others through the gifts we have been given because were told at some point that we were not good enough.  And then as women we severely limit our own capacity to be the agent of change in the world by denying the essence of who we are.

More and more I am recognizing (being reminded) of these women and who they are and how they are effecting and changing the world.  You are one of them.  Thank you for your openness and for the beauty you delivered this weekend.” -Myriam Llano

“thus far can report a most definite transcendental shift in Yoni mojo:)!” -Karin Yapalater

“I would recommend Divine Femme to any woman who wants to understand the importance of her role on this planet today. This work is not only empowering, it is essential to the uprise of our world as a whole. This course helps you take a step toward understanding the of the role  women play in every aspect of life and will help us all realign with the nature of who we are meant to be.” ~Tracy Nunez

“Divine Femme is an amazing course specially made for women. You might not know what it means. You might say “ya, I know I am a girl”, You might say “ya, I am always a woman.” But, most of us are still in the dilemma of seeing our special power of “ in.” How to fully realize that underneath power that is unique only to woman? You must come to Divine Femme and experience it on your own. It’s worth the time. It’s worth your investment. Somehow, I wish you were here just like all of us who have already been.” -Jun Li

“Before Divine Femme, I was in the midst of transitions in my personal life, was struggling in my business, and knew I needed an energy shift. Business coaching and traditional therapy didn’t seem to do the trick, but I knew I needed support. When Margaret’s posts about Divine Femme popped up on my Facebook feed, I had an intuitive hit that I had to be there. From the moment I signed up for this immersion, some kind of divine energy was set in motion and I started to experience subtle shifts.

Having been immersed in the world personal growth and development for over a decade, I’ve been to my share of workshops and retreats and can say with certainty that Divine Femme was truly something special and unique and deeply transformative. I was brought to tears and burst out in laughter more times than I can count. I connected with other women and with myself on a deep level. The stories Margaret told and the digestible way she shared some of the “heavier” information was really accessible and impactful. The divine, embodied experiences she guided us through were deep and beautiful and effective. Margaret’s presence alone was inspiring and powerful.

Divine Femme brought me back to myself, to a deep inner knowing and connection to something greater than me. Because of that, I’m already seeing shifts in my relationships, business, and daily experience of life. Thank you, Margaret!” -Jess Grippo

“The whole Divine Femme experience is SO captivating, enlightening, and transformative. Definitely empowering, experiential, deep, and real. Filled with truth, love, and spirituality, and way beyond what I could ever have imagined! I came out of it feeling renewed and reconnected to my most sacred source of creative energy. Margaret is pure gold, LOVED IT!!” -Marie

Giving Back:

A key component of the rise of the feminine is giving back. No one is free until we are all free. For this reason, 5% of all event sales will be donated to the Odanadi Seva trust which rescues and rehabilitates women and children from sex trafficking in Southern India.

I deeply trust people who work closely with this organization and know that any donations truly make a difference. Human trafficking enslaves more than 30 million globally. As we shine our own light, that light can not only energetically, but can financially shift change around the world.

About Margaret:

Since 2006, Margaret has hosted spiritual events in New York and internationally, after training extensively with monks in India and Fiji and countless teachers worldwide. She translates Ancient teachings and spiritual technologies for our modern life.

She is the founder of Urban Oneness, a New York City based community with a global reach. Ranging from the longest running weekly Oneness Meditative deeksha blessing in NYC, to global retreats, Margaret Nichols and her team bring practical, heart-opening mindfulness and consciousness to individuals and businesses alike. Online digital programs, in-person workshops, global meditation journeys and exotic bespoke travel experiences: events are ongoing and ever changing, and focused on experiential learning to illuminate and empower a wonder in life.

Margaret is a sought after leader and speaker in this new paradigm of life and business. Weekly, she reaches thousands of people with ongoing teachings and happenings via newsletter. A 17-year New Yorker, she knows first hand it is possible to unveil Universal Love, even in the
craziest of towns.

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