This week, I’m so excited to share a special interview and delighted to introduce you to my friend Elizabeth Dialto, creator of the Wild Soul Movement. 

I am totally crushing on all the work she is doing with women stepping out of their head and into their bodies, feeling their feelings and creating better boundaries. Her transition over the last few years has been palpable and profound: she’s a ballsy, shining light; exactly my kind of gal.

Elizabeth’s new (Amazon bestselling!) book came out while I was in Peru, offline, yet definitely wanted to have a chat with her about it.

We cover a million juicy topics in this 40-minute video interview, including:

•    masculine vs. feminine energy
•    sensual movement to heal body objectification
•    how her partner supports her in conscious relationship + how to get your guy there.  What if you feel you are more evolved than your partner? How to become an EVOLUTIONARY MUSE. (Elizabeth coined that phrase in our interview + I am immediately obsessed with it.) Staying vs. settling.
•    bravery in women, taking off their clothes or otherwise.
•    her personal woowoo (never shared before!)
•    AND MORE (we talk fast 🙂 loads in here)

Check out the video here:

More deets on Elizabeth + where to buy her new book, here:

Love from Florida!
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