Is Glamour Spiritual?

We all saw it. Melania Trump, en route to a flooded disaster site in Texas, wearing 5-inch stilettos.

Whoa, were people upset. Because it wasn’t appropriate, they said.


But here’s the thing: we weren’t upset at her glamour, we were upset at her silence.


We are tired of seeing a notable (beautiful, full of potential) femme only being a trophyto a more powerful masculine.


We are angry at Melania because we are upset that we created her. She is a reflection of what our society has held as the “model” for perfect wife, woman. Gorgeous and silent. `


If Beyonce (or anyone) showed up to Texas, after posting all over twitter bringing awareness to the disaster, with $10 million in funds and baby twins on her hip, she could be wearing 6-inch Louboutin’s and we’d be all, “You’re fierce woman! Yaaaaaas QUEEN!!!!”


Because we are all inherently, more than skin deep. And we want our leaders, our figureheads of government and society to inspire us. To give us something to aspire to.


We haven’t integrated glamour and spirituality because most of us are still playing skin deep.


How attached we are to what we look like and how we present to the world, is a measure of our consciousness.


This is a massive struggle for the feminine these days, because for millennia we’ve been valued solely by the way we look.


And we all have internal and external struggles of not matching the glossy magazines, and even in the extreme other direction these days, wanting to be “real” so badly, women are being torn down for getting made up.

Yesterday, I posed this on social media:


I try to be really mindful to post all sides of life’s spectrum. 


I’m hyper aware of media influence and think over-curation on Instagram can be its own form of toxicity.


That being said, I adore adornment and glamour and praise and celebrationand dressing up as it can all be a form of Graceful Devotion. (Why don’t people dress up to go to the theatre anymore? Ugh, don’t get me started!)


My pictures for DIVINE FEMME were taken by my dearest Caroline White and they are stunning artistry, as that’s who she is.

I love them because they show me in my best Light, my clearest essence. In beautiful clothes and all done up.


They portray a woman who has risen to meet the occasion. And I will continue to lovingly use them with inspiration.


And here’s the other side of it: this is *actually* what the moment looked like right after I opened registration for the DIVINE FEMME immersion weekend.

Because I’m both.

We are all of it.

The entire spectrum. 

There’s not one I love more than the other.
To feel a need to always be glamorous feels chained. And impossible. And even distasteful, given all the legitimate catastrophe that seems to be happening everywhere…

Yet, to never feel glamorous feels sad and dry.

For me.

We all have our proportions.

You do you. 

We are all spectrums. 

We are ALL the things.


I have someone close to me who went through a catastrophic event. For two years, she saw a life coach for $100 a week. The life coach told her over and over, “you don’t have self love,” “you have to love yourself!” Two years. $10,400 later, and she still did not love herself.
I could tell you to love yourself every day for two years in a row. But until we actually physically and energetically change the make-up of how our cells and energetic structure perceives and interacts with the world, well never be able to integrate it. 


Glamour can be an expression of our spirituality, but only if we are tied to a larger Love. True Self, capital S, love. Then glamour can be an offering, not a mask.

People tear down glamour when they see it being put ahead of action or intelligence. Or when the people tearing it down don’t have their own self love to allow others to be as they are.


Both are measures of consciousness.


But we are not here to measure, we are here to RISE.


The Divine Femme immersion is designed as a quantum leap for evolutionary consciousness. One of the main tenets of the weekend is to expand out of ourselves (into our Selves,) quite literally.


I teach the energetic layers, sheaths of the body. And how attached we are to the skin sheath vs. how attached we are to the cosmic sheath, is what determines how we perceive the world in every moment. We can learn how to step up and allow the higher sheath.


All sorts of work is valuable at every step of our lives… sometimes it’s a slow burn and years-long transition. And sometimes we need that pinnacle moment that’s going to shift something permanently. This weekend is that pinnacle moment, for those who are ready.


When we rise, when we are our fullest and most selfless, most shiny, it doesn’t matter if we’re wearing wellies or wedges. The Light of who we are shifts not only ourselves, but everyone around us. This is the rise of the Divine Feminine. 


I hope to see you October 21st and 22nd in New York City for DIVINE FEMME.

Register here.


All love,