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One on one spiritual mentoring via phone, skype or in person. Spiritual solutions that tap you into flow + support your Soul. For business. For love. For life.


1:1 Custom Sessions + Programs

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” -Albert Einstein

I offer spiritual mentoring in private sessions that follow with a 21-day custom program creation. One on one, wherever you are.

Creative, soulful, problem solving and collaborative healing. Plus, manifestation mojo.

Together we hold a sacred, safe space to rise above the level of the mind, which provides empowering solutions for any level of suffering. Experience in everything from drug addiction and eating disorders to relationship or work issues.

This is not therapy. When my own life was imploding, on the verge of divorce and my family life akin to a series of “Breaking Bad” episodes, I found that traditional therapy or advice from my church fell hopelessly short to ease the crises and drama of my current moment.

The new paradigm to which we are entering, communicates in energetic forces. Our challenges and charges are coming up to the fore so that we deal with them in a way that releases us to the truth of who we are: our most vibrant Self that we can intuitively feel is in there, but perhaps just out of reach.

If we don’t tend to and heal the unconscious patterning of our past, the same issues surface again and again, with different external packaging.

Sessions are authentic, frank, intensely loving and divinely efficient. My no- nonsense but light-hearted approach to grace has attracted both men and women in equal proportions. Raw, real, trusted. No judgments. Most sessions we utilize on the spot custom meditations that I record over MP3 with which you may continue to work There’s an intensity and focus created when we intend for you together. I will call you out when you’re being small, cheerlead your triumphs and custom design homework as well as lead you to resources that help you to expand your journey.

“Spirituality has been decimated by spiritual people. People’s minds have such an angelic, perverted view of purity.” -Stuart Mooney

I see you as perfect. Together we remove the obstacles that stand in the way of the world reflecting your perfection right back at you

However—freedom is not getting what you want. Freedom is being able to handle and grow from your past and awaken your mind and senses to be in the present moment today. The Catch 22 of it is, once we figure out how to do that in an authentic and loving way, all we’ve ever wanted (and more) finally shows up.

“Margaret designed a 30 day spiritual reboot-mind-body-spirit. She challenged me, flat out dared may be more accurate, to take care of “me” to take care of the business. The results were nothing short of phenomenal. Our business began to expand almost immediately and we are now the fasting growing firm in our industry with $200 million of business on the pipeline. This stuff works.” -Jeff Hubbard, President, Madison Hawk

$495 for a one-hour session over phone. From this session, I create a custom, totally personalized, 21-day program for you to follow. The program is entirely based on where YOU are at the moment and encompasses mind, body and spirit. It will be challenging enough to confront and stretch you, but supported enough that it is not overwhelming or self-defeating.

If you would like to add 21 days of email support, it is an additional $495, so we can continue to check in on this concentrated journey.

I have worked with dozens and dozens of clients one-on-one for many years. Over time, I have learned that this kind of targeted, specific intention + dedication is FAR more effective than weekly or bi-weekly check-ins. By committing to a 21-day practice together, we can rewire the neurotransmitters to shift to a permanent change in your consciousness so these practices become a lifestyle. Each time someone checks in, we are structuring + stretching to their next highest level of evolution.

Custom, in person VIP half and full day sessions are available for those who need an immediate dose of energetic shift. Email for group, corporate or longer, custom individual sessions.

Custom one-one-one sessions have a wait of a few weeks to more than a month. In some cases, we will have immediate openings/cancellations within a few days.

To schedule, first make a payment via Paypal, and someone will be in touch to schedule nearest time. If you need an installment plan, please email us to discuss. 🙂

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{One hour follow ups, at $300 for 60 minutes are available for anyone who has worked with Margaret in an extended workshop or one-on-one session. This includes any awakening courses, retreats, Mystic Masterminds, and bliss. here. now. students.}

One hour follow-up: