“In all of my years navigating the self-help spiritual world, I’ve never come
across a voice as entertaining, hip, and deep as Margaret’s. This woman is
brilliantly tapped in.”

Linda Sivertsen


“Margaret opened doors for me that I never thought I would open. She has thought me so many values and the importance of spirituality in my life. Only a few people are born with special gifts, and Margaret is certainly one of them. Spending time with her will transform anyone’s life.”

Antonio Ruiz-Gimenez, Jr.
Co-founder + President Pvblic Foundation


“Divinely sassy, Margaret is your very best friend, your teacher and your confident mixed into a feisty little package of wow. Awake and aware, conscious and connected, Margaret is the real deal. She will pull you up by your bootstraps and then go shopping with you for boots. She will help shiftshape your lifeview and guide you to a whole new dimension of amazingness. She is my soul sister, my teacher, and my friend.”

Michelle Goldblum
Founder + CEO, I AM. creative


“Margaret is a heart driven leader with radiant energy unlike anything I have ever experienced. She captivates, challenges and inspires you to access your Power. She stands for you. Her straightforward yet powerful teachings produce intended results. Mired in the worst slump of my career, a new business venture at stake, my normal way of operating not working, she challenged me (flat out dared may be more accurate,) to take care of “me” to take care of the business. The results were nothing short of phenomenal. Our business began to expand almost immediately and we are now the fasting growing firm in our industry. This stuff works.”

Jeff Hubbard
President, Madison Hawk


“M – is for magnificent. Margaret sparkles, shines and glows. She emanates pure authenticity. She doesn’t pretend to be godly but rather allows god to flow through her. A leader who has a humble, caring and compassionate nature that is pure. Margaret has unbound, energy, vitality and life emanating out of her that she shares with the world. Rapture? Joyful ecstasy? Yep that’s pretty much Margaret. She exudes a beautiful, calming energy that’s infectious and contagious. Team: Margaret knows that growth is in numbers and not in just the self. Her steadfast commitment to her community and to humanity is inspiring and admirable.”

Dr. David Mehler, founder
Vikaz, NYC


“This petit love-dynamo is a perfect blend of brains, beauty, sass, and spirit. I’ve known Mags for 17 years, and watching her grow into the truth-seeking force she now is, has been beyond inspiring. Her blog is a constant source of enlightenment, her books will slay the world with humor and insight, and her 
speaking talents are boundless. In Margaret Nichols we have found the new generation’s lovechild of Candace Bushnell and the Dalai Lama.”

Gavin Creel
Two-time Tony Award nominee, Olivier Award winner + musician


“Margaret is refreshingly relentless about one thing: LOVE. Whether it is through blessings endowed with giggles and squeals or practical explanations on consciousness, she helps me to fully understand and face the undeniable truth that we are all one.”

Tesha Buss
Founder of Good Commons retreat center, Vermont


“This weekend was amazing. YOUR grace and beautiful energy make this journey a lot more enjoyable (at least for me!)”

Cathy Riva
President Riva Events


“Thank you Margaret for a deep soulful and loving weekend Oneness awakening workshop. It was a truly a powerful experience where you allowed me to get in touch with my spirituality in a way that I never had before. I will always be grateful for your leadership and loving guidance during this process.”

Wendy Suzuki
Neuroscientist, New York University


“The deepening weekend was one of the most profound moments of my life to date.”

Gina Moffa, MA, LSMSW, NYC


“Thank you for helping me crack open my gorgeous lotus heart allowing me to feel this and even more powerfully, to express it to you and everyone else that matters in my life and anyone that needs love. Mags, you have offered more for my life than anything I can pay for through your workshops. Gratefully, 
a fan, supporter and blooming lotus…”

Shama Dhanani


“The MM was an incredible way to bring closure to a very big year and launch a whole new consciousness for 2014. I loved the synergy and electricity that we brought together to magnetize our very best selves into BEING. If you want to ignite all of your chakras and invite them to dance into new choreography of joy and juicyness, jump on this magic carpet ride–it is a journey that will take you to new landscapes of love and light, laughter and living!”

Sandra Clifton
Director, Clifton Corner Academic Coaching, Brooklyn, NY


“I’m so happy I was part of that amazing experience and feel like I could really be open with all my raw feelings. Some of those issues I felt alone in for such a long time.

Thank you for always following your bliss and for your passion to inspire others to be brave in their faith!”

Tracy Marie Nunez
Senior Team Manager, teacher, New York Kids Club


“I would rather read and listen to Mags than just about anyone. Her passion that sparkles from within in her writing and when she speaks has ignited possibilities within me I never knew existed. The work she does and has done is so deep, thorough and heartfelt… You would definitely KICK yourself for missing out on experiencing this firecracker and all she has to give!”

Susan Grady
Compliance Technology Group, Oneness Trainer, New Orleans, LA


“Two very gorgeous women I know led me to another gorgeous woman, Margaret Nichols, who led a women’s’ oneness weekend, where I reawakened myself to my inner knowing, my higher self, and to my greater consciousness. Margaret reminds us that we don’t have to be uber serious in connecting to our spiritual selves. It is meant to be joyous and inspiring. She has and continues to help lead us home to ourselves, to the connection with life that we all yearn for.”

Elise Green LCSW, NYC


“Mags is all at once classy, sassy and oh so New York City, but she is also deep, profound and spiritually tapped in. She has ushered in for my wife and I a spiritual practice that is at the core of our life experience. Mags leads by example and in a witty and charming manner… quite an accomplishment considering the deep subject matter she tackles in a fun and relatable way.”

Brian Hathaway
Director of Business Development, Canvas, New York


“In baseball, Margaret would be considered a Five Tool player. A five tool player can 1) run 2) hit for power 3) hit for average 4) throw 5) play great D. Well, she’s a five tool spiritualist. She can 1) write with humor 2) write with Truth 3) tweet 4) look good face-wise 5) be totally charismatic. She’s the Willie Mays of God.”

Alex Alioto
Yelp senior sales manager, Phoenix, AZ


“Whenever my friends ask me for an explanation of this thing I do, and why it’s so important to me, I always send them directly to Mags’ blog. It’s the highly witty, least intimidating, and most enjoyable way to show them that oneness is not only necessary, but tres chic. Mags has the stellar ability to infuse enlightenment into what once was just a typical New York moment, if there is such a thing! Eye opening, life changing shiz here, peeps.”

Erika Shannon
CEO, MT College Prep, Soul Cycle Instructor


“I do believe you have some serious juju and it was an honor to be in the
presence of you! I have so much love for you… probably the most amazing
experience of my life.”

Stephanie Balbuena


“Margaret is a thoughtful trainer who reflects from a place of clarity which is rooted deeply in her relationship with her personal Divine. Her clarity provides you with opportunities to discover that in the chamber of your inner being “you are love.” She knows when to push you to the edge, and she knows how to stay out of the way, so you can discover your own personal indweller, deep in your heart.”

Tarasa B. Lovick, MS


“First and foremost I’d like to thank you for an AMAZING weekend. I will not lie I was skeptical at first as well as nervous, scared, nauseous and excited. As you began to speak and we began the processes I was put at ease. … After all was said and done I feel renewed and refreshed! I feel revived and invigorated! The Iove I have for my (family) is incredible and I feel now as if it has multiplied a million times more. Thank you! I think you’re incredible!”

Althea Pani, NYC

“Thank you for your dynamic and loving contributions, relating, interaction. You are not only accessible and creative, but incredibly effective in your transmission of the principles of Universal Energy. I particularly was impressed with your versatility in using different language to describe the various ways people have of accessing and comprehending the Divine. I was also impressed with your guidance in how to make it my own, and personally workable.”

Jonathan Prager, NYC

“An expression of gratitude as you continue to inspire and amaze me with your wattage. Your light also serves to illuminate my own darkness. Thank you so much for being so alive that you shake us hopefully out of our attempts at complacency.”

Patricia Stareck

“Thank you, most excellent teacher!!! Sooo much has happened in the past two weeks and I have been clearing bad energy like a “crazy pants” lil’ beaver on speed. Been doin’ my spiritual laundry and “homework”–LOVING your blog and taking your recommendations to heart.”

Carolyn Knapp, NYC

“Thank you so very much for an absolutely inspired weekend! Your facilitation and energetic presence was such a gift… I just loved how you incorporated the use of your divine “self” with the master teachings of Oneness & Deeksha. You created an extraordinary space for initiation and I want to express my deepest gratitude for all that you made possible over the weekend. Your generosity & grace created an field resonance which is now “hard-wired” into my perception and experience of Deeksha! Thank you.”

Nicholas, NYC