your infinite depth

There’s a depth within you.
It blazes.
It longs to be seen.
It waits for you, patiently, ever so patiently.
It’s a portal to everything you’ve ever wanted—
that has nothing to do with a partner.
or your job.
or what someone else is giving you…
or not.

It’s right there.
As in: never ending, ever-reaching.
It sits.
Tugging on heart strings.
Silently: speaking in synchronicities:
its language: hunches and heartbeats.

Yet this infinite expanse,
is inherently polite.
She can call to you,
yet Her manners are impeccable:
She won’t crash your party:
She only shows with invitation.

Your invite doesn’t need to be fancy.
Or expensive.
Or perfect.
In fact, perfect is precisely beside the point.
All it needs to be is open, thoughtful.

It’s just a slight pivot to willingness.
You can bring your skepticism.
The infinite expanse has no fear
of your wariness.

She’s got the room to alchemize it.
In fact, that’s Her job.

She’s not going to let you fall.
She’s got this.

Her depth is just a reflection
of your magnificence.

Go ahead,
invite Her in.