my miraculous experience with CBD oil + anxiety





In early fall, I put out an APB on facebook, asking about CBD oil. In November, I posted this online:


CBD oil: my UPDATE

Y’all might remember a couple months ago, I put out a call for experiences with this oil. I was a little floored by HOW MANY people had feedback. I want to give you an update because in using it the last couple of months, the effects have been nothing short of miraculous.


I’ve spoken a little about this— but postpartum, I developed an acute thyroid autoimmune disorder and postpartum anxiety. (My holistic doctor said it was some of the worst levels they had ever seen.)


I’ve done so much work on myself with mindfulness, it was especially nuts to all of a sudden going to super dark, hopeless places. I had all the tools to come back out, but no time to utilize them.


Putting together the East Hampton house and the stress that came with that only exacerbated it. But I realized— even small stresses were registering in my body (and being) as huge— it’s like the gage was off.


I did my research and decided it was ok to start with CBD oil while still nursing.


**My anxiety was cut down by 95% within the first week.** 


Read that again!! For anyone who has dealt with any kind of anxiety issues, I know you will agree that is miraculous.


I take it regularly each morning. A side effect which I completely did not expect, was that when my period came around, I experienced NO CRAMPS for the first time in my LIFE. (And the periods were more intense after they came back after baby.)


This was so out of the ordinary, I wanted to wait for another cycle to make sure it wasn’t a fluke— and sure enough— 2nd cycle, started to cramp, took the CBD, felt the tightening of the cramp, but zero pain.

(OMG, do they make labor strength?)


I got my mother to take it, and knee pain she has been experiencing for 16 years and has had to get steroid shots for is GONE. She also says she feels significantly happier. So do others around her; they notice a difference.


Since this post, many have been turned on to this CBD oil with miraculous results across the board, including friends who are prominent health coaches and are now promoting this.


When I posted this, I had absolutely nothing to gain from it. It was purely out of love for the product and its outstanding results. I just came across something amazing and had to share.


I bought my CBD from my friend Greg Prasker, who had just started a new company, Supherbals, because I trust his judgement:


He spoke to me about how his oil was sourced, how it was infused with Divine Love and deeksha and sacred energies to raise its vibration. (I initiated Greg to be a deeksha giver, so I knew he knew the ropes!)


Since that time, Greg had so many referrals through my private enthusiasm for the product he asked me to be an affiliate.


I was approached by several MLM companies to also represent their CBD oil, which was much more expensive and the profits (for me) would have been significant.


This is a superior product at a fair price, significantly less than its competition. (Important if you, like, I, decide to make it a part of your monthly regime!)

I wouldn’t make a bunch here— a couple bucks a bottle, if that, but I want to share with you what I KNOW works, and what I purchase every month for myself AND my family:

The beautiful thing about this oil is that I really truly believe it is a living entity in plant medicine: you can speak to and intend what you want for healing with the oil. Do your own research; I think you will be equally astounded.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know I am almost never an affiliate for anything. I’m proud to promote and stand behind something with such a tremendous power to heal. I hope it serves your family as it’s served mine.

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To learn more or purchase this particular oil, click here:

all love,