ongoing convo: the new feminine lead


So… clearly I found a hot button topic.

Last week I asked you loves to offer names of men and women who were outwardly “successful” and seeming to lead from the emerging feminine paradigm.
I was a little floored by the response. I received dozens of emails, many of them not a name or two, but paragraphs + paragraphs of questions, discussion, dissection… You had a LOT to say on this.
Some men were really upset I was separating feminine + masculine and not leaning into “oneness.”
Some suggestions were “preaching” feminine or “styled” feminine, yet I happened to know their mojo + felt they really still led from masculine.
Ultimately, it’s really hard to know unless you’re privy to someone’s inner workings: how they treat their people, how flexible they are if all goes off schedule, the intent behind their operations + offerings; surrender vs. muscle is difficult to see from a finished product, because it’s ultimately the process that designates force or flow.
AND I think we are all just realizing and learning how to do this together.
So, I think we need to continue to investigate + clarify what “feminine” means.
Some of your words:

“I think the women leading from the feminine are just, if even, coming to our attention because they aren’t knocking ppl over the heads with their message… To fem energy is welcoming energy, this is this is what I do, if you want the experience/growth come and get it, the door is open. It isn’t the hard core always in your social media class, workshop here, man up there. It takes longer, at least it feels that way, but leading from the fem takes time to own up to and actively implement.”


“Very interesting topic. One that still perplexes me as I try to embody more of my feminine self. Someone told me a good example when I asked her about masculine/feminine energies. She gave the example of mother/daughter Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson. Goldie is all feminine, flow-y, creative, soft. But her daughter Kate leads more with her masculine energy…straightforward, honest, tough… (This is even reflected in her sports clothing line). This always helped me understand myself as more of a Kate than a Goldie, but to soften my edges and be more vulnerable like Goldie.”

Could be.

At its core, feminine is receptivity, acceptance, allowing.
Some (my teachers included) say that all of life is an automatic process. And that our only job is to surrender. That’s not super inspiring or empowering, so most of us aren’t there yet… and until we are there, I’m aware that non-dual teachings don’t to much to help us, say, start a business.
Your response was so thoughtful + generous, I need much more time to delve into this.
So far, closest as a great example is author/speaker, Divine Light, Sera Beak.
I’ve followed Sera for many years now, and this video is a terrific watch. In it she speaks about how she had to strip away all ego from her offerings, in order to truly let the Divine Feminine shine forth. This so related to my own experience. Several years after my 1st big awakening, I didn’t seem to be wanting to reach out with any sort of ambition in the world. I remember a guy breaking up with me in 2010, literally because he said he couldn’t see me “doing” anything with my life.

A far cry from the messy, type-A gal whose shroud I was leaving behind. Do we all need years of “nothingness?” I don’t think so; I feel we each have our individual path + the energies have shifted so the process can be accelerated.

But in my heart, there’s no question that a “desert” section of emptying and emptiness is necessary. Perhaps not for years at a time, but certainly again and again, as cycles rise and fall like the seasons.

What Sera calls “patriarchy” is what we might have been identifying as the the dominant masculine paradigm.
“Patriarchy… is a tricky mother fucker, in the truest sense of that phrase: it constantly shape shifts in order to stay in control.
If there is an awakening in consciousness that threatens its power, like this new feminine paradigm, you can bet your bottom dollar, it will find ways to co-opt, commodify and even mimic it, in order to carry forth its own agenda.
In other words, Patriarchy is now wearing a goddess costume and a feminine empowerment suit with high heels.” Whoa, Nelly. Riiiiight?
Very interesting. So true. And:
“To be clearer than angel spit: the soul path offers no glittering guarantees, like happiness, sexiness, a soul mate, professional success, a lucrative career, but it does offer us a life of authenticity and integrity and truth and it fills us with a kind of holy happiness and holy abundance and holy hotness that is independent of external conditions.
Bottom line: the soul path isn’t about getting what you want. It’s about giving who you are without the need for a return. Because that hole you’ve been trying to fill with everything outside of you has finally been filled with the love inside you.”
UGH. It aches so good, how much I love this woman.
Watch the rest here:
THANK YOU for all your heart-centered sharing.
I’m fascinated by this topic and exploration. There’s much more to mine here, so I don’t have a list for you just yet.
If you’re a woman in Manhattan and want to explore and open to this paradigm in your own life, consider joining our next Mystic Mastermind on Feb 25th, where we activate this work into our cells together.
All with love, always.