how does the feminine feel safe?

Women do not feel safe. That’s not an opinion, it’s a statistic.

We do not feel safe, because this has been a dangerous world for us.

Dangerous for us to speak out.
Dangerous to be vulnerable.
Dangerous to be soft.
Dangerous to be any of those things in relationship or our career, for fear that we will not be the “cool girl” or “successful” enough, or too weak or silly.

That’s why we’ve been doing it like men, because the patriarchy is who structured what life is “supposed” to look like.

Of course, there has always been a balance of masculine and feminine— there had to be.

But it was not EMPOWERED masculine or feminine.

It has been submissive feminine. Aggressive masculine.

Empowered feminine is not submissive, she is soft. She is magnetic. Her power is magnificent and lies in a new paradigm we have not, as humanity, learned to access completely yet.

So tell me, how are we supposed to thrive, flourish, love, in a world where we don’t feel safe?

Every time we are in a new experience, the mind is reevaluating. This is its sole purpose.

That new experience can be as epic as seeing a new wonder of the world, or as simple as an unfamiliar two-year-old approaching our baby on the playground.

The mind compares, contrasts, gages risk. It compartmentalizes our experience so we know how to approach and understand it. It calculates input.

Necessary, of course.
Sometimes, however, not useful.

The more open and accepting we can be of ANY experience, the deeper it can sink in, and if unpleasant, the quicker it may pass through.

If we do not feel safe, in our very basic being, we will always be “on guard” to new experience.

And whether or not someone has personally had trauma or a reason to feel unsafe in her life, women are STILL collectively and energetically affected because
W O M A N has been repressed for so many millennia.

Because our yonis have been swathed with shame.

Because, on the whole, worldwide, the essence of woman has not been accepted, much less celebrated.

So naturally, through no fault of our own: Every time we are introduced to something new, we put our guard up a bit. It’s just the mind. But the mind is a powerful thing that affects our body and energetics in even the simplest experiences:

-A substitute spinning teacher.
-They are out of wild salmon at our favorite lunch place.
-That tottering tot, moving toward our infant on the playground…

Much as the same way as our heart just beat at least 60 times in the last minute without thinking about it, our mind silently evaluates:

Is this safe?
(Does this instructor have experience?
Where is this alternative fish from, that is not my normal salmon?
Is this toddler going to stick her finger in my baby’s eye?)

Am I prepared to take action?
(Am I brave enough to leave if I don’t like her playlist?
Will I give the alternative fish a shot or go for the veggie meal?
Am I close enough to swat a deliberate, tiny, hand-to-eye poke away before it happens?)

Oh, this reminds me of so and so and therefore “I feel safe” or “I don’t feel safe”:
“Ah, I love this song and really like her voice. Cool, cool. I can spin to this.”
“Oh they have dill in the sauce. I like dill.”
“Ah the toddler is being gentle and taking baby’s hand.”

All of this happens in split seconds. Evaluation with no thoughts.

And women operate from a place of “Am I safe?” more than a hundredfold over men.

The feminine feels safe when she is heard. Exalted. Supported. Understood. Desired. And if not understood, marveled at.


I mentioned last week that DIVINE FEMME was structured in particular ways. This is one of those layers: complete safety.

If someone walked through the door to work with me and I (or anyone) threw them into a dark, complex process, it would be fruitless. They don’t know me, they don’t trust me. It’s why you can only go so deep in one session or one evening. Moreover, if could be potentially dangerous because unless there is trust, there is no room for integration.

Even if we WANT to go deep, the collective unconscious of the mind is concerned with safety.

And so the two days of DIVINE FEMME is a gradual unfolding, a gradual opening, until the peak moments when you will need to open wide up, and you’ll be ready to. Because you feel safe. And it is also structured to peel away energetic shame and to strengthen your sense of safety in this world.

By strengthening our own sense of safety, we strengthen it for woman kind.

Not every woman on the planet is going to be able to do this work. By participating in it, you are not just helping yourself, you are raising the spirit of the feminine worldwide. You are creating safety for other women.

Because none of us can flourish until all of us feel safe.

OCTOBER 21st + 22nd, NYC
Up level.
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