the world is cray. where does the divine feminine fit in?

I was two weeks pregnant here during the last DIVINE FEMME weekend. I knew, but no one else did. 

Since then, I have carried and birthed a child.
Spent a million dollars in buying and creating a new investment property.
Shed countless tears, had countless rage-filled fights with my partner.
Fallen to exhaustion and sickness with a new autoimmune disorder and thyroid condition postpartum, and been stretched further and further out from the skin that I call home.

And I am clear and bright not because of anything that I did. But because I always surrendered to the Divine plan and allowed my feminine to feel the spectrum of all. the. things.

My mom: “You know, I’ve been feeling so strange since the eclipse? And while it was happening, things were just so weird!” #energy

There is no question that everything is being turned inside out these days.

For those of us who have been on a spiritual path for some time, it feels the last decade has been disruptive. (Remember when 2012 felt like a lot? Ha! #spiritualpeanuts)

I have been opening and energetically preparing to announce the next DIVINE FEMME immersion weekend, this October 21st and 22nd in NYC.

In all honesty, the last few weeks have been so wild, it’s thrown everything for a loop.

We are constantly being put off balance, needing to reconfigure.

And all of us are in some kind of internal and external struggle of : how important are my own desires or empowerment when there are big and scary things like Nazis marching the streets and a President who is provoking potential nuclear war. (Even if we’re not American, the latter is a worldwide threat.)

And I’ve been hesitant to move forward into the space of announcement because my energy has been focused there…

But here’s what I know to be true:

THIS IS ALL A DISMANTLING OF THE PATRIARCHY. An old paradigm which destroys and keeps men and women small. That rewards a small few and suppresses billions.


This is not a movement against men. This is a movement against oppression and toward compassion. Men will perhaps be the most important champions in order for the feminine to equalize. We cannot do this without each other.

In the year and a half since the Divine Femme immersion weekend and the 2 1/2 years that I was developing and calling in its content, there seems to have been an explosion of the Divine Feminine awareness into our collective consciousness.

It’s incredibly beautiful to see all the varying expressions of how She is coming through each of us and transforming the world, sometimes gently and slowly, often with a fierce grace as she burns through the patriarchy like a Khaleesi dragon.

This is the core of the work we do: to find the expression that is YOU— for YOU to carry with you, Spirit inspiring the practical of every moment of every day. If you enjoy a Tina Fey snarkfest meets ecstatic dance party meets ceremonial priestess, then you’re likely to vibe with my style of teaching and expression.

To note: my DIVINE FEMME does not hold back. She will call out your shadows. She will call b.s. on where you want to hide. She will have you questioning conditioning you hold dear that perhaps you don’t want to release. She’s looking to heal generational wounding, not just show you how to manifest a higher client base or boy or ladyfriend.

I invite you to set aside October 21st + 22nd and join me in New York City for a weekend that will transform the way you operate in the world. I will guarantee it.

Below is the DIVINE FEMME manifesto, as a reminder:

Leading with your feminine is not being girly or pink or weak.

It is a life of MAGNETIZING.

A life of flow, awareness, generosity + gratitude.
Of fascination, romance + divine witchi-ness.

It is alchemizing darkness to light.
It is Kali, mama, Mother Earth grounded, all-perceiving, fierce.
It is being a personal force for good, and a satellite for global transformation.

It is mesmerizing radiance.
It’s yoni power.

It’s a life of knowing in every ounce of our being that everything that happens to us is FOR us,
we are all connected,
and we are here to serve ONE truth: the freedom for all. Love, everywhere. And that EVERYTHING is sacred.

It is connection over competition. Ease, over aggression.

It is honoring + cherishing the masculine to rise alongside us.
To live, love + lead in a yin/yang partnership.

It’s being a discerning badass with boundaries
yet a lithe heart, ever full of compassion.

It’s inherently sexy.

It is wholly loving ourself, our body, our biz + our being
so we live in unshakeable Grace.

It’s being a holy, haute hottie.

It is joining together to create a new paradigm
that’s never yet existed in this world.

Sound dramatic? It is.
I’m serious here, babes.
It’s time.

#divinefemme coming OCTOBER 21/22nd NYC


“I am so grateful to Margaret Nichols for putting DIVINE FEMME together. The content was incredible and it was so much deeper, more soulful and intuitive than I could’ve imagined. This, I’ll never forget and it’s changed my perspective forever.”
-Elisha Ariel