Why is everyone talking about the Yoni?

We can’t really talk about the feminine without talking about your yoni.

(Masculine dudes, you might want to skip this post. Unless you’re evolved masculine, then of course you’ll want to sit in to become aware of how to best support your woman ;))

Women for countless generations have held abuse, trauma and victimhood in their yonis. The yoni is the energetic and spiritual representation of the vagina. The only human portal on the planet that can receive and birth forth, life.

(And I’m not just talking babies.)

Even if we have never personally been sexually abused, the collective of woman, energetically influences how we interact with our yoni.

If we are only considering our yoni’s in relation to sex or masturbation then we are missing about 95% of Her power.

If you think that our yonis are not repressed, even aside from sexual assault or trauma, just look around.

Talking about menstruation is completely taboo. Or disparaged.

If a dude talks about jacking off in a movie, it’s hilarious. If a woman talks about her period, it’s not funny or sacred or lauded, it’s gross. Ewwwww.

We even do that to ourselves: ewwwwww. Ugh, it’s that time of the month. It’s not a celebration, or a nurturing, it’s a once a month inconvenience to slog through.

The most natural monthly process… the most repeated cycle on the planet in the herstory of the world, and it’s been demonized, hidden.

Have you ever seen those old school chastity belts? Where it’s a medieval cage around the vagina? (I won’t even insert a picture because it’s so disturbing to see.)

We see that and think, how horrible! How could they possibly!?

Ladies, we have chastity belts around our yoni, collectively.

Not in medieval times… Today.

And this is not to look back and blame or point fingers but rather to look forward. As much as we could accuse or claim to be victims, we could also put forth that we have not been ready to claim our yoni’s voice, virtues and influence.

Nothing could have given me a more profound example of the power and vulnerability of the yoni than childbirth.

Specifically the healing from childbirth. And how NO ONE told me how difficult it would be. 10 months out, and I still am processing energetic healing down there.

I was expertly prepared for birth. And horribly uneducated about what happens after. What counts as medical care for a mother after childbirth is a joke. A couple of days in the hospital for most, a 6-week check up and you’re on your way.

So all this talk of repression, abuse, pain- acchhhh, Margaret, this sounds really sucky, what’s your point?

Our yoni is our superpower.

Early on day one of the DIVINE FEMME immersion, I have an entire section on this. And this is going to sound super woo, but since that’s my bag— it came to me in a yantra meditation a couple of years ago— this information, how to share it. How to help women feel and understand the energetic power their Yoni holds.

This isn’t something I learned or heard anywhere else. It’s just direct download and direct experience.

Of course this includes, sex, jade eggs, why tampons are not your friend, and trendy yoni observations and topics. But mostly importantly we have a cosmic healing and yoni activation.

To learn to lead from your yoni means to learn to live and love in juicy, soft vulnerability. 

And this affects not only sex but career, relationships, our voice in the world and even our health. The latent spiritual energy of the yoni IS kundalini. Even in spiritual circles, She has been hidden because we as a society sexualize her rather than expanding into ALL her expressions and uses.

Perhaps you haven’t considered this before. If not, perhaps start to awaken first to how we hide here. How something so natural and potentially beautiful is stigmified as dirty. And how perhaps, collectively women being told they are dirty once a month could easily lead us to believe we are dirty, always.

And how if we recognized and saw that nonsense, even just that first small step, could revolutionize our world.

In yoni love and power,

“Thus far can report a most definite transcendental shift in Yoni mojo:)! “
-Karin Yapalater,
re: the DIVINE FEMME immersion WEEKEND

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